Elmar Nuesslein - drums



Name / Name: Elmar Nuesslein  (Nüssi)
Instrument / Instrument: Drums
Wohnort / Hometown: München / Munich
Frühere Bands / Former Bands: Mönsters, Cemetery, Aeons End, Ferra Saeva
Beste CD's / Favourite CD's:

Death: Alles / all albums
Slayer: Alles / all albums
Fates Warning: Parallels, Inside Out
Mercenary: 11 Dreams
Arch Enemy: Anthems Of Rebellion
Dimmu Borgir: Puritanical Euphoric Misantropia
Exodus: Another Lesson In Violence (Live)
Rage: Lingua Mortis; Perfect Man
Sieges Even
: A Sense Of Change
The Haunted: One Kill Wonder