Stefan Hendel - bass



Name / Name: Stefan Hendel  (Uidel)
Instrument / Instrument: Bass
Wohnort / Hometown: Seeg im Allgäu
Frühere Bands / Former Bands Red Planet
Weitere Bands / Other Bands: Die Rattenfänger
Beste CD's / Favourite CD's:

Iron Maiden: Alles ohne Blaze / all without Blaze
Overkill: Under The Influence, Years Of Decay
Kruiz: Kruiz
Demolition Hammer: Tortured Existence
Sodom: Agent Orange, Persecution Mania
Death: Leprosy, Symbolic
Cannibal Corpse: Eaten Back To Life
Impetigo: Buio Omega, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale
Carcass: Alles / All albums
Omen: Battle Cry, The Curse